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in san francisco with late details on what happened. >> that is right, he was going after the burger, the question is why was alex trebek running down a hallway of the marriott marquee hotel at 3:00 a.m. tuesday morning. the answer is because he was chasing a burger that have entered his room. let me show you a photograph of him, for this is him behind him as he was chasing the burger he heard himself. he had to use crutches, a bank and another person in the rumors sweeping around 3:00 a.m., of some woman enters the room and started to collect things like cash, wallets, and jewelry, the winds up the two people in the room, alex trebek did chaser in the marriott hotel the other person call security what he was chasing her, he ended up hurting himself eventually, security ended up catching the suspect. let me tell you about the suspect, she's 56 roles in the more years, she
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is an arrested on suspicion of burglary and receiving stolen property. what we do not know is how to get into his room, there remains a mystery. that is an answer that we do not have. the hotel officials will tell us that they know that she was not a guest, nor was she an employee nor was she a former employee how is she in the hotel at 3:00 a.m., they're looking into the issue, they say they are continuously reviewing security issues, they say they take this very seriously and more than that they cannot comment on because the investigation is still continuing, but quite a while story. >> yesterday is, more details to come. people in san jose are fighting back against a growing blight in their communities and they are blaming the banks for the problems. this was the scene is san jose and people rallied outside of a wells fargo branch. rob fladeboe picks up the protests from
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inside the bank. >> it was not your typical deposit, but since the bags of trash were collected from the art of the vacant for close home that was owned by wells fargo bank in east san jose the people figured they would is dropping by the branch bank at the corner of story and king road. >> they are the ones that got us into this foreclosure mess in the first place, they need to do their part and clean of these properties. we wanted to give people loan modifications and help people to stay in their homes. the alliance of california for community involvement demands to see the manager at the bank was ignored. bank employees try to carry out business as usual amid them saying shame on you and stop the foreclosures. eventually the san jose police were called in and the activists were shown the door. activists said the message was clear. >> we have some homes that
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people have started breaking into, like the people live in the streets, they move into the houses, and there's a lot of garbage around. >> outside customers were urged to call the bank and have them take responsibility for the blight that often falls for closure. something that can and often does affect the value of neighboring properties. >> the home where the trash was collected is on sinbad avenue in east san jose. >> as you can see, no security, no lock people can just walk right in and then make this their own house. people throw their garbage out there, they threw debris, they look at this as a dump, they feel like they can just come over here and do what ever they want. they see an abandoned house and they sneak in there they can do drugs, gang members, all kinds of people, but it does bring the property value
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down especially with the living right next door. they have not moldovan, maintenance has been now well, no one comes by to keep up with it. the electricity it is still going that is a fire danger, anything could happen at this time. so right now, i do not know what the bank is doing right now, they're just sitting on these houses in not doing nothing. >> a representative from the bank said that while wells fargo is the trustee for the home, bank of america is responsible for servicing the property. phone calls to bank of america were not immediately returned. shot while feeding the homeless in oakland, that is what happens with this american and his wife about 12:30 pm wednesday morning it happened here on the map. on the 1000 block of 47 avenue near international boulevard. this is video of the location of the shooting. a popular area for homeless oakland residents to gather looking for food and
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shelter. a man that was receiving a meal when the shooting occurred describe the frightening situation. >> when i got to the truck, he was leaned over, and shot up all over everywhere. >> bill hollis is a good samaritan known as john and his wife for passing out free fish dinners from their minivan here early wednesday morning in a drive-by shooting occurred. >> he stopped, backed up and all of a sudden he started to shoot three shots and then he stopped and then two more shots, and his wife was hollering and screaming his kids were hollering and screaming he had a three year-old daughter in the back and a baby. that is the first time in my life i've seen something like that happened it was senseless, it was not even necessary. >> the oakland police say that the man known as brother john suffered life- threatening injuries and his wife saloons were non-life threatening and the two children or an armed--
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unharmed. >> we have learned that the pastor's son was also struck by a bullet what he was sitting in the family's van but he is expected to be ok. new details this evening, the brother of a man killed in a bay view officer involved shooting has been arrested in connection with a murder in seattle. police said that andrea is a suspect in the beating death of a 50 year-old man, he is the older brother of kenneth harding who died after being shot while running from san francisco police earlier this month in the bayview district. andre is being held without bail in king county. the two men are rested with the connection of a shooting of an 11 year- old girl. they will not be charged today the san francisco district attorney's office says that there is not enough evidence to charge lazarus' thomas of daly city or shannon mitchell. and a 11 year-old girl was struck by a stray
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bullet and taken to hospital with life-threatening injuries. she is expected to survive. and is the oakland, many streets are a mess, here is video of a major street project under way near the courthouse, this is being paid for by a bond measure, however other city streets are suffering because the lack of money. teresa estacio reports that the pothole problem is costing the city in more ways than one. >> look on jackson street in oakland, i counted five potholes' and into mouse stretch. this is not the only street with problems on alex, 1 mi. over i saw this bottle. last year the city of oakland had 155 claims concerning pot holes, that is up 140 from the year before. city officials tell us that 61 percent of all city streets need some type of repave it. all this is costing the city planning, for example, last year the city's bid $125,000 deal
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with claims and lawsuits. it ultimately paid out $6,000 to residents. still, the money was spent in legal and administrative fees. with no money in the budget to deal with possible problems city officials say that the problem is not one to get better anytime soon. i am teresa estacio with kron4 news. [music] >> a live look outside to look that fog rolling in over the twin peaks area we see this close to the coastline and that is why the temperatures are the cool this afternoon. elsewhere, the temperatures are warmer. 80's, low 90s, 92 livermore, 91 antioch, a little warmer in the south bay. 86 of los gatos, '70s for the most part for the bayshores. temperatures are up on what we saw yesterday, seven degrees in redwood city, also in mountain view, 6 degrees warmer in livermore and we will continue the warming trend,
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this slight warming trend as we head into tomorrow. here is tomorrow at a glance. by tomorrow, with of fog will shift ever so slightly into the bayshores. at temperatures will warm up a couple more degrees than what we saw today i will tell you how long the warming trend will last. >> just five days to go before the deadline, still no deal in washington. democrats are saying they will vote down a republican bill and the republicans say they will never except a democratic plan. as the clock ticks down, american's perspective of their elected officials has hit an all- time low. >> it is not to the point of being scary yet but it is headed in that direction. >> he was talking about the debt, but he could been talking about the latest polls. never before has congress been held in such contempt by voters. jessica
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6% think their representatives are doing-- just 6 percent believe that they're doing a good job, 61 percent says it is a poor job 46 percent say that they're corrupt, and they believe 85 percent are more interested in helping their careers than the people. >> we had this poor economy and then you're going to let the debt ceiling caved in what are they thinking? >> we are going to go into a serious depression and that is scary. >> when george bush was president he voted to raise the debt ceiling seven times and including many of today's gop leaders of many of the republicans all voted yes. now the showdown has stretched the capital to its extremes. key party conservatives rallied today to repeat their message, no tax hikes, no compromise. >> we have to hold the line and stand strong. >> economists say the forecast of an economic armageddon are overblown. >> the u.s. government has
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adequate resources to pay on its debt and avoid a default. that would turn this into more like a government shutdown. >> investors are getting worked up about the debt limit debate. the dow has now fallen four days in a row, this is as worries grow that washington will not solve the crisis in time to meet the august 2nd deadline. it fell almost 200 points and the nasdaq dropped 75. >> a lot people are taken to a website to talk to the debt crisis on facebook, twitter, and you to a comedian put out a video check it out. >> raising debt and spending money that we do not have that is the name of the game. have all kinds of cars, people ask me how i get them i just sent you this. i have my hands and everything like dominique strauss-kahn. >> that was the
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comedian/performer ramie now we took a poll on the facebook fan page asking if they thought both sides would reach an agreement before the government default. 55 percent said that the agreement will not be read, 27 percent are optimistic they think that a proposal will happen now we would like to know you think, visit our facebook fan page to vote on the online poll and leave your thoughts. it >> we are following a developing story just in, a store that could make it much easier for the giants to repeat as world champions. this is a major trade who is coming? >> reports are that carlos, an outfielder for the mets who is considered the most productive hitter that was available before the trade deadline this week in they're saying that he is scheduled to fly to philadelphia to join the giants later tonight. but he is not there yet, and before
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you go to the giants a store and purchase your number 15 beltron of jersey, he has a no trade clause in his contract so they are working on that right now. all indications, he wanted to a winning team in the giants' obviously satisfied that. he will instantly become the giants' best hitter now that buster posey is down, he is batting 289, he leads and the national league and doubles the giants will get somebody and they have to give somebody. there would have to give up zack miller, a top pitching prospect that most of us probably have not heard of, but he is good. if this goes through, the giants who can pitch with the best of them who have trouble hitting this will help their chances of repeating. this is big news, carlos beltran is one of the best hitters in the lead. >> we will have some more coverage later. new at 5:00
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p.m. a naked man attack in san francisco and is caught on video. why the police say that this video is a hate crime. also a television news anchor was attacked live on air. we will show what caused the confrontation plus, there was a big room brawl. q. have owners x speaks out about the playboys passion or lack thereof and how the magazine mobile is fighting back all ahead. it's really delicious, mom.
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it's not too well done? nope. but it is a job well done. what are you reading, sweetie? her diary. when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure. your mom and i read that thing cover-to-cover. loved it. thanks. would you mind if i cut the lawn this weekend? only if you let me talk to your mother on the phone for hours on end. done. [ male announcer ] u-verse brings peace to the family. at&t u-verse lets you record four shows at once from any room and play them back on any tv. get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months. in the network, everyone can get along.
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hurry in and lease the jetta s for just $179 a month. ♪ visit today. >> take a look at this, a reporter in south philadelphia was attacked live on there. >> you never know what is behind closed doors chris. >> hey hey hey! >> the reporter and photographer were not seriously injured, the man was taken into police custody and is facing assault charges. this is something that you do not
5:18 pm
see often, a wheel that was beached near seattle. they say that it looks like a gray whale about six months old, showing signs that it was sick and starving for a while before it died. take a look a man that was stuck in a drain near modesto, according to the police he was slightly intoxicated a 21 year-old dove in to retrieve his wallet that have fallen in, he was stuck up to his waist with his legs sticking up in the air he suffered several minor scrapes but refuse medical treatment it is unclear if he got his what it back. take a look of the viral video of a man that was testing the limits and an apple store. the stores are generally known for their laid-back friendly atmosphere he set out to see just how much he could get away with, yet a pizza delivered to the store and made it there. he set up a romantic dinner complete with a trumpet player and a disco ball and then he brought in a goat. all that was fine and he did not get kicked out for any of it.
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>> you probably notice that it is warmer out there and the warming trend will continue for the next couple of days before we start to cool down into saturday. here's a look at the next few days in oakland. >> upper 80s both tomorrow and friday in san jose, san francisco will be a comfortable 71 degrees out there tomorrow. here is a look at the fog tracker for tomorrow morning not very impressive. not a lot of fog expected over san francisco. by the early afternoon is already pushing off of the san mateo coastline. again, temperatures are expected to be warmer tomorrow. 80's, and low 90s for the south bay, 92 los gatos, 86 for san jose, it will also be
5:20 pm
warmer in the inland valleys a lot more '90s on the board. a little more comfortable for the east bayshores, temperatures in the '70's and low 80s. >> for our peninsula locations the '70s and '80s as well. it will be warmer down in half moon bay because lucille maurer son out there tomorrow. up in the north bay, a lot of 80's up there. a look at your kron4 seven day around the bay forecast. warming up over the next couple of days to have high cloud coverage on friday and saturday. the fog is clearing out through the weekend. temperatures step out average for this time of year stay with us will be right back after this.
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>> topping today's entertainment news after dumping playboy founder hugh hefner christo harris is now
5:24 pm
revealing intimate details about their sex life. she said the couple only had sex at once during their two-year relationship it only lasted a couple of seconds and she has never seen him naked because who does not take off of his clothing. he is firing back saying that his ex made up all of those claims. this is what he tweeted. >> stay with us, more news after this break. [ male announcer ] this... is the montrose pet hospital --
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montrose, california. in here, anarchy meets order. working with at&t, doctors set up a broadband solution to handle data and a mobility app to stay connected with their business. so they can run the office... even when they're not in the office. call at&t and see what we can do for you. with unlimited voice plus broadband, starting at $70 dollars. it's a network of possibilities -- helping you do what you do... even better.
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>> and naked men attacked in san francisco and why the police are calling this a crime. officials rescue dozens of animals and we will show you what they found. they're ready for a pay raise, why more u.s. employ years are preparing to pay more money to their workers.
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>> cellphone video captures a man being beaten in what police are calling a hate crime. this happened during cried weekend. --pried weekend. >> santos the police are using this cellphone video to track down people face, this was submitted by an outside source, but as you can see the man is naked with a towel, is pushed around and been beaten by at least three suspects and the man and a white shirt clenches his fists and wait for an opportunity to go in and brutally punched the victim. this attack started when he was in sight of a portable rest room that was being tipped over. the victim that says he does not want to be identified says that he cannot bear to watch the video.
5:31 pm
>> i ask him if he was from here i said we do not do this, this is michael. i said you go that way and i will go this way just chill out. the next thing i know, i woke up and i was on the pavement. there was a guy talking to me and asking me my name. >> these are images captain from the cellphone video this to the main suspect that the police are actively seeking in a hate crime. they're hoping anyone with information on the attack will come forward. >> officials say the number of hate crimes during the san francisco pride weekend increase this year. >> a young teenager is recovering after being stabbed while walking through a dog park. san jose police say that sonny along
5:32 pm
with two other suspects ascap the little boy. he suffered injuries to both of his kidneys. they say the three suspects were arrested soon after the crime, two of them are minors. a man is in custody tonight suspected in three bay area homicide and they say that this man, jonathan walker shot and killed a man back in january on kirk would ave. one other person was injured in that shooting, they say the suspected gunman is wanted in relation with to vallejo murders. he was arrested and organ and is waiting to be sent back to san francisco. here you can see the huge cloud of thick black smoke that could be seen from miles from the fairfield plastics company where the fire broke out. the bay area quality management district says the good news is that while the fire was burning
5:33 pm
none of the air monitoring station suspected--detected spikes in air pollution. we went back to see the damage that left behind. >> on the edge of the property you can see what is left of the company's cyclone fence. check out the polls, they have wilted over, that is the result of the high heat that this fire has put off. the far the promise is that plastic burns at extremely high temperatures and because of that many of the estimated 15, to 30,000 plastic bins are now gone. all that is left of them are the ashes bases scattered on the ground. over here, you could sit how of melted crates. here is one, and you can see how the placid melted in trip down. over to the right, you can see what happens when the flames got closer. our check out how they liquefied in the heat creating a big mess. so far, the company has not determined how many crates were lost or what the monetary damage estimate
5:34 pm
will be. and >> fairfield fire officials say that at this point it appears that the fire was started accidentally by employees doing some work with an open flame device in the area where the fire started. san francisco police search for a woman that is suspected in two armed robberies at the same credit union. the latest what happened on monday near the galleria mall. the police say that the suspect into the bank, took out a gun and demanded money. these are surveillance photographs, they said this woman also held up that same location less than two weeks ago. >> a live look outside sunny skies right now no sign of the of fog hanging over the hills just yet. it was a nice this evening hitting an overnight low of 56 live back into the upper '70's as we head into tomorrow. current conditions
5:35 pm
and run the rest of the bay area little cooler in half moon bay. 63 san francisco, 69 oakland, 80's down in the south bay and 90's for the inland valleys. here's what you can expect tomorrow, patchy fog mainly for san francisco briefly into oakland and for the coastline to our morning. by noon, the fog will clear up and temperatures will start to warm up into the 80's. we will hit the low 90s in quite a few places. we will take a look at how warm it will get tomorrow. our >> it you know that sunny weather is a good thing jacqueline especially now. at yosemite national park they dedicate a solar panel system near the administrative headquarters. i will show you exactly what we are talking about, that is yosemite right there, and the panels are just outside of the park limits. as you can see there on the top of
5:36 pm
carports, on the top of building roofs. there on the side walls of some buildings. the total, 2800 panels will produce about 12% of yosemite electricity. it will not be totally off the green, but this is expected to save about $50,000 per year. for this project cost $5.8 million and was paid for with government stimulus money that was earmarked for the national park system. we will be right back.
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>> the woman who accused the former imf boss of assaulting her this was heard today, the hotel housekeeper has been taking her story public her credibility has been questioned. lawyers for dominique strauss-kahn says the woman has a history of lying and she chased the details about the alleged
5:40 pm
sexual assault. it is not clear if the charges against dominique strauss-kahn will be dropped. a strange case, neighbors say it took them years to get authorities to pay any attention to this, but after a 911 call from a neighbor on tuesday the spca and the police finally clear the home of a 61 year-old man they found dozens of animals that were alive including an alligator, dogs, turtles, roosters, mice, the neighbors have complaint for a long time. >> 5:00 a.m., you would come round the corner and hit hardest stunk so much. >> this is a typical courting case, but to have so many different types of species in here, this is incredible. >> the homeowner has been charged with animal cruelty is not sure what will happen to all the animals but we know that alligator will be turned over to a reptile specialist. >> a family is forever
5:41 pm
grateful that a cable worker was around a seven year-old was drowning in a pool at an apartment complex. he had just finished installing cable on tuesday, he heard people screaming jump over the fence and then began to do cpr on a little boy that had just been pulled from the pool. he said the board reminded him of his son. >> that little boy was breathing when the paramedics arrived and he is expected to make a full recovery. after years of not being raised, this could be your lucky year, or maybe not a new study shows that while employers are not doing a lot of hiring they are trying to hold on to their best workers. a survey of 1200 u.s. employers showed that roughly half of them plan on handing out some raises, maybe not a lot but top performing employees only make up about 8% of the work force.
5:42 pm
ben months we will continue the warming trend to the end of the week, starts to cool down the not too much i will have details on the warmer weather coming up.
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>> again, the investors seem pretty rattled about the debt debate that continues in washington. the dow jones was down her almost 200. the nasdaq was down 75. rob is here with the winners and losers. starting with the losers, the economy is growing at a slower rate when expected. >> and a out of the 12 showed slowing growth, but there was growth but it is slowly. this is not alarming not something strange or new. we knew that higher gasoline prices and the fact that in this building is playing out a way that is slowly and painfully, people are pulling back also, unemployment is high. we're looking at about 2 1/2% road from gdp down from about 3%
5:46 pm
that is what we expected is pulling back but not zero. her >> a winner, visa, their earnings are better than expected. >> visa is a publicly traded company this is what everyone can understand the not lend money the trends that money. if you go bankrupt, and you have to go into bankruptcy in give up that car, they do not lose money they does lose the transaction fees. their income was about 822 million. a lot of people thought that they would be hurting, but ultimately they will charge less for the debit card transaction because the retell more to set up a relationship. they say that it is manageable. the durbin act was not good for them but they are managing it really good. of the patient long term investor i would own visa, but if i was really
5:47 pm
enthusiastic i would own mastercard because they are like a younger visa. >> now this is weird, the irs is doing us a favor. >> yes, we did this story about the airlines, the faa stopped collecting taxes on tickets and briefly, that is $60 per ticket and they say it if you book a ticket that expired midnight july 22nd, before then you basically get a refund through them. the congress is coming out as well san shame on them, responding to the airlines saying that they hold the money that they collected from us. they just raise the fee $60 and pocketed the tax. >> what is interesting to me you have to be aware of it and ask for your refund. so, you have to know what is going on and ask for it. >> there is no policy in place yet, so the irs might give policy in place and congress might say to the
5:48 pm
airlines you have to do this. but this is a great they are defending us in giving us money back. >> google plus all you say is a loser why? her >> you can join my group, they fell about 3% week over week it had risen 283% the week before. my page has nothing but hot and beautiful goddesses. thank you, i am the new charlie sheen. now the average time spent is going lower and lower so it is just not catching on maybe it will pick up but it will not be facebook. >> not yet anyway. see you tomorrow. >> we still see a little fog clinging to the coastline this afternoon, the satellite picture right now issuing patchy fog along the coastline. some areas of sunshine, it will still back
5:49 pm
into the bayshores but not very far. take a look at what we are expecting. along the north bay coastline pushing into santa rosa and palo look, very briefly, over san francisco and into oakland this is the 8:00 a.m. hour. by noon, will start to see it pushed back off the coastline. we will see even more breaks as we head into the 2:00 p.m. hour. temperatures will be slightly warmer there and everywhere as a result of less fog. '70s and '80s out there for tomorrow. we will be in the '90s for the inland valleys a few degrees warmer there, temperatures are running a few degrees above average for this time of year and a couple degrees above where we should be. we are quite a few degrees above average in hayward. so
5:50 pm
we will keep the warm weather for the next couple of days, it is not too stifling the definitely on the warmer side. will cool down into the weekend of the temperatures are average. we will keep it close to the market as we head into next week. >> a car full of san francisco giants manila-- memorabilia was stolen from the rightful owner they're looking for this man who they say past several autographed bats and balls that is after stealing a car with the memorabilia in the trunk. the victim went to mcdonald's or early monday morning for a cup of coffee left his keys in the car, three minutes later he watched as his car had been driven away. the autographed bats and balls are worth hundreds of dollars in the sports memorabilia market. fans of the silver and black, oakland raiders to be happy the players and coaches have arrived for training camp. vern glenn
5:51 pm
stopped by this afternoon. >> of 15 days before the first preseason game, the raiders open their doors to training camp in napa. they will hit the ground running with their first practice on this field tomorrow afternoon. if they can come close to matching the energy of head coach hugh jackson, look out, afc west. >> let me tell you something right now i am not changing, i will push the defense, i'll push softens, i'll push the special teams, i will push our coaches, i will push our fans, i will push you. this is the deal, we are going to create something here that is great. >> he sent you contact the biggest free agent named out there to defend sit back and gave his at this sales pitch to return to the team. he is not conceding anything until the free agent. its official on friday. in that but i am vern glenn with kron4 . >> and world news we have surveillance video from where a store that was about one block away from the
5:52 pm
bombing and oslo this was one week ago, is showed the impact, the glass shattering, you see the warning in the store. eight people died in that blast. today, the accusers father said his son should killed himself. and remember the man released from prison two years ago that was supposedly near death he was an april gaddafi rally in libya who he is there is sitting in a wheelchair he was the only person convicted for the 1988 bombing of a pan am flight over scotland. to lenders 70 people died authorities in britain released from prison on the grounds that he had cancer and only had a few months to live. are there is a lot of heavy flooding in china, a sudden downpour left the streets of beijing swat. the city's training system is not good, water levels reached for a half feet in some places very quickly. there were a lot of
5:53 pm
stalled cars and stranded drivers crews have managed to clear up most of the mess. >> checking traffic this is the camera and walnut creek, the 680-24 interchange, traffic is moving at a crawl. this is a different picture, north bound south bound maze at the bottom of your screen. we will be back with more news ahead including tech news, stay with us. [ male announcer ] this... is the montrose pet hospital --
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with unlimited voice plus broadband, starting at $70 dollars. it's a network of possibilities -- helping you do what you do... even better.
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>> high tech meets hollywood. the movie like in the day is hitting theaters this friday. this massive project is something that has not been done before. it cannot have been done before now technology has allowed this. video sharing sites like you to have change our world and hollywood is using that as their advantage recruiting regular people and real stories for a film. and this
5:57 pm
is hollywood movie that was created by using only regular youtube people. they ask them to shoot something on july 24, 2010 that had something to do with their lives, the only rule was that it had to be shot clock that date. this movie shot by regular people like us and edited by hollywood it big producers will be shown on the big screen. tune in tonight and i'll show you how all worked and how you can see the movie. you never know, you may be in it. we will hear from the film makers that is tonight in my tech report. >> still ahead at 6:00 p.m. san jose residents are blaming the bank for letting the foreclosed homes become like. why the space station is on schedule to be slashed. a feature that is removed from the ford car.
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>> residents are take the stand in the south bay demanded that banks do something about a hard core close home that has become an eyesore. a medical student missing for nearly two months, we are live at a rally in her honor. and why russia want to trash the international space station. [music] >> are big story tonight, an act of kindness comes to a horrible end. a father, husband, and minister shot in the head and now in grave conditions. we explain what
6:01 pm
happens and talk with those low know him in the community. her >> he was a very good man, a very good church going man. how many men you know will be out here at 12:30 p.m. trying to feed people that are hungry? >> as you heard the victim was trying to feed people were homeless. his wife and two young children were with him, but while doing so this is someone drove up and opened fire. this had been near 42nd avenue and san leandro street about 12:30 p.m. people in the neighborhood express their emotions and sadness about the incident to us. >> and as a mirror to known as brother john and his family were the victims of a violent drive-by shooting while feeding the homeless here on 47th avenue and this is hard to believe for people in the community. >> is very very unfortunate that someone who was compassionate, understanding and has a big heart should have something like this
6:02 pm
happen to him. >> he drive around this neighborhood and other neighborhoods all night giving out food to the homeless people. >> i mean, it is not too many good people out here is sad. i hope they clean up the neighborhood it is really sad. >> they say many of the homeless in the area depend on charity from brother john with his family he passes out free meals on a regular basis. >> up without him, a lot of people will not be eating out here, and now a lot of people will not be eating. >> they said the man on his brother john suffered life- threatening injuries his wife of one of his small children that were also injured suffered nonthreatening like injuries. >> of family and friends of the missing student michelle lee are coming together to mark the two months that she went disappearing on may--in may she stepped out to get something in her car, but she was never heard from again. we want to go live to the vigil that is going on
6:03 pm
right now, we are live on the scene, what is going on? her >> as you can see the family and friends of michelle le are starting to gather here. they have a lot of signs, they have more of the missing and reward posters that they will be giving out here. their plan is to march, or to walk from here to nearby kaiser medical center where she was last seen. that will start after they have some speakers talk, some from the hayward police department and mark class with the class kits foundation. =-- klass kids foundation. one of the reasons that they are having it on today is because she disappeared two months ago from today. >> a body found burned and one of vista park in san francisco the suspect mrs. initial court hearing today
6:04 pm
because he is undergoing a mental health evaluation. 22 year-old david diaz was scheduled to be arraigned on charges of murder, arson, mutilating a body and destruction of evidence is being held on $5 million bail. to a robber on the run in san francisco this is surveillance video of the bandit. the police are asking for help to identify the moment that rob a credit union twice in the past two weeks. she is described as a black woman in her mid to late thirties between 5 ft. 5 and 5 ft. 7 she weighs about 200 lbs., she has her hair and cornrows downturn neck. police believe there she is armed with a handgun. in high school softball coach is arrested accused of child molestation, now a police say that with this person that you see your had a sexual relationship with a teenager that she met while coaching. the alleged victim is between 14 years old in 18 years old they say she
6:05 pm
also said explicit material to the teenager. the city of oakland is dealing with a massive problem with the pot holes. here is an example, we found this on jackson street in downtown oakland. they say 61 percent of all city streets and need some type of repair work. last year, they receive 155 claims, today we spoke with the city's public works director about the situation. >> as everyone knows, the streets aren't terrible conditions. 61 percent of streets were in fair or poor condition last month a meeting that they needed work. we needed to be spending $28 million per year to pave the streets, we will spend 10 million this year and 6 million next year and 4 million the year after that and of that is oaklands money. >> that is all federal money? >> it is stimulus money state bond money in county sales tax money.
6:06 pm
>> last year oakland spent $125,000 on claims and lawsuits concerning pot holes. muni buses will soon be wrapped in advertising the same physical board of advertising approve the measure yesterday the vote was 6 to 5 is expected to bring in as much as $500,000 of additional money opponents say this new ad will add to urban blight, and passengers do not like them very much but supporters say that the ads are necessary to avoid cuts to the muni service. it will go into effect september 1st. >> still ahead at 6:00 p.m. a neighborhood nuisance, san jose residents are blaming the banks for letting foreclosed homes become like. why the space station is on schedule to be slashed, and what for will no longer be installing and some of their cars. >> a look at the current conditions this afternoon, still low 90s in the inland valleys, i will have more on this continue warm weather
6:07 pm
into tomorrow it's really delicious, mom. it's not too well done? nope. but it is a job well done. what are you reading, sweetie? her diary. when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure. your mom and i read that thing cover-to-cover. loved it. thanks. would you mind if i cut the lawn this weekend? only if you let me talk to your mother on the phone for hours on end. done. [ male announcer ] u-verse brings peace to the family. at&t u-verse lets you record four shows at once from any room and play them back on any tv. get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months. in the network, everyone can get along.
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6:10 pm
>> this would succeed in san jose people rallied outside of a wells fargo bank. we picked up the protest from inside of the bank. >> this was not your typical because of dozens of bags of trash were collected from the art of a vacant for close home owned by wells fargo bank in east san jose these people figured they would just drop it by the bank at the corner of story and king road. >> they are the one that got us into this mess and the first place and they need to do their part and clean up the properties we want them to give people loan modifications and help people to stay in their homes. >> the alliance of
6:11 pm
california for community involvement demanded to see the manager at the bank and his request were ignored. the bank employees tried to carry on bank business as usual amid the chance of shame on you and stop foreclosures. police were called and the activists were shown the door. this activism is that the message is clear. >> we have some places that they have already broken into. people have started living in their home, people live in the streets are moving into the houses and there are a lot of garbage around. >> outside the customer's ask the bank to take responsibility of the blight that often falls for closure. in san jose i am rob fladeboe kron4 news. >> organizations that depend on charitable donations have struggled in this economy among them, the valley humane society in pleasanton. they depend on 98 percent of their money from kids are from the
6:12 pm
community. the animal shelter is finding it not only is it difficult for people to donate, but many households can no longer care for their pets. >> we have seen a decrease in community donations probably as a result of the economy. but at the same time the demand for our services have gone on because people have lost their homes, they're having a hard time to pay keep their animals in their homes. so animal surrenders have increased quite a bit. >> the next 30 days are critical for the shelter with the possibility that many programs will be cut and staff will have to be let go. we will be back with more news coming up. [ male announcer ] brace yourself for the big, bold taste
6:13 pm
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6:15 pm
>> the debt ceiling debate stretches into another day the government says that two planned to address the debt will save less than promised. >> it is another day, another dollar closer to reaching the debt ceiling
6:16 pm
and a potential default. and another chance for political parties to blame each other for the impasse. >> baker's plan is on life support and it is time for him to pull the cord. >> senator reid is it quite obvious at this point he is to try to re-elect barak obama for president. >> their plans showed that savings may run short as well. they say senator harry reid plan save $500 billion less than propose. and bankers plan only--over speaks by $50 million. --by $500 billion. >> it is too bad that his caucus is being run by a small number of people and i mean the tea party. >> how a team party rally went on as supporters vowed
6:17 pm
not to back down on spending. >> the president said to call the congressmen and senators, but when you call them tell them to hold the line. tell them that we have to balance the budget. the political uncertainty is expected--reflected on wall street where the dow dropped as it has all week. investors and want something from wall street a so far they do not see it. >> and lawyers are not doing a lot of hiring right now but they're trying to hold on to their best workers. they're willing to pay to keep them, a new report out today says nearly all of the 1200 u.s. employers polled say they plan on increasing workers' salaries in 2012. this survey was done by a human resources consulting firm. half of the businesses that plan on hiking the pay say they plan on doing so in order to retain top talent. although available jobs remain scarce, they say if you are a top performer in a
6:18 pm
critical role, you are valuable in the marketplace. top performing employees make up just 8 percent of the workforce. the >> today the u.s. coastal service announced a proposal to close out of post offices across the country including 13 right here in the bay area. a lot of viewers were talking about this on our facebook fan page and let us check out the comments of the day. >> and if you like to check out a full list of the proposed closures the kron4 dock, and look for our news link section. [music] >> a live look outside this afternoon, looking into emeryville, this to the bottom of your screen, there is a little fog but mostly sunny skies through the rest of the bay area. upper 80s and low 90s for the inland
6:19 pm
valleys, we got into the 80's in south bay out there today, but things are starting to cool down. a comfortable 78 degrees in san jose right now. now here is a look at the current satellite picture. some of the fog is spilling in over san francisco as we speak. we will see minimal fog for the bayshores. now take a look, fog up and down the coastline. that will be the extent of it, it will push back to the coastline by noon and off of the coastline by the later afternoon hours. that blue on the screen indicates a sunny skies for the coast. tomorrow temperatures are running above average. we are also above average in san jose, hayward and san
6:20 pm
francisco pretty much all throughout the bay area. let us take a look at some more of these numbers. we have 80's and 90's for the south bay, mostly nineties for the inland valleys. very comfortable for the east bayshores, many in the '70s the low 80s down toward the south. also comfortable for the peninsula. it is a little warmer in redwood city about 85 there. 60s along the coast, but warmer at half moon bay because of the sunshine that we are expecting to mar. a look at the kron4 seven day around the bay forecast. temperatures will not be outrageously high up on the warmer side. temperatures will stay about average for this time of year for the weekend and into next week. >> russia says that the international space station will eventually have a new
6:21 pm
home, and it is the pacific ocean floor, now that nafta has ended its shuttles program and the future has been discussed, russia plans on sinking get in the pacific in the year 2020 they say you cannot leave it in space, that would be like littering and that will be dangerous a nasa spokesman oppose the plan but it is unclear if other partners will have a say in the matter. the space station is certainly not small, is roughly the size of a football field and it weighs 450 t. if you took an enormous scale like this one and put the space station on one side and 450 small passenger cars on the other side it will be relatively balanced. that is how big the space station is, we will take a short break and be right back.
6:22 pm
6:23 pm
6:24 pm
>> police and norway are saying that if he did not surrender so quickly they certainly would shot him. this man confessed to killing 76 people last week
6:25 pm
he'll be really put his hands over his head the moment that officer approached the that what options--that was hours after it had began. >> the police for at the farm were anders bravick was preparing for. video has been released the moment the bomb blast went off. caught on surveillance video in a store about one block away captive the moment of impact as you can see it shattered the window. eight people died in that blast which targeted a government building he has confessed to the bombing and to the shooting spree on a nearby island were teenagers were at a government sponsored youth camp, 68 died there. still under investigation, the police response. the shooting lasted more than one hour while police learned that the helicopter crew was unavailable and the first bow that they chose broke down. when they did
6:26 pm
reach him, they described a strangely normal arrest. they say that he quite liquid his hands offering no resistance. his father is looking for answers. and able to reconcile the news of a mass murder with his memory of the young boy that he left behind when he divorced. he refused to appear on camera but talk openly about his car break. >> i would never have more contact with him. and my darkest moments i think that rather than killing all of those people he should've taken his own life. >> people in oslo understandably on edge. these are pictures of people standing outside of a railway station today it would evacuate why the police searched a suitcase that was considered suspicious. the station was reopened when the police and determined that there was no threat. can lot of heavy flooding in china is left the streets of her beijing swamp. the drainage system there is pretty bad water
6:27 pm
reached for a half feet in some places a lot of stalled cars and stranded drivers the crews have since been able to clear up some of the mess. and a blast of rain is sent landslides and barreling through seoul korea. at least 30 people have died including college students they were sleeping in a resort cabin and they were swept away in mud. stay with us, more news coming up after the break.
6:28 pm
6:29 pm
>> investigators that oakland police headquarters said they're trying to find a person responsible for shooting a good samaritan and his wife and young daughter while feeding the homeless on 47 avenue early wednesday morning. witnesses say a man known as brother john, his wife and two small children park their family van and were handed out fish
6:30 pm
dinners with another vehicle pulled up when the shooting occurred. oakland police say that this time it is unknown if there were the intended targets of the shooting. >> in san francisco, police are searching for suspects were seen beating a man and a cellphone video the video was taken during gay pride week in. the man attacked another man as he came out of the portable pot this is being classified as a hate crime. the victim had to go --undergo surgery because of his injuries. >> a bazaar burglary involving jeopardy host alex trebek. he and a companion were asleep in the room and someone came in and the middle of the night and started stealing purses and wallets and cash. his companion call the security, he engaged in a chase, he ended up hurting himself and is now on crutches. the
6:31 pm
thief was charged with burglary and stolen property. >> you can see the damage that was left behind from the fire that broke out on tuesday and is plastics company. they say that plastic burned extremely hot. in this video you can see how the heat caused the metal poles to wilt. imany of the been stored in this lot returned into ashes, others left behind a big mess. >> and san jose activists are demanding action at what they say is blight due to abandon homes. they gathered bags of trash from this for close home owned by wells fargo bank in east san jose and they deliver the trash to a nearby wells fargo branch. for the activists say that the trash, graffiti, vandalism, and other blight on homes like this and others dislike it are hurting the property
6:32 pm
values of homes in that neighborhood. >> here in oakland, the city and residents are dealing with a common problem involving pot holes. they say 61 percent of all city streets need some type of repairs. last year, there were 155 claims that is up from 140 the year before all this is costing the city money. the last fiscal year, they spend $125,000 dealing with the lawsuits and claims, with no money in the budget, city officials say that this problem will not solve any time soon. i am teresa estacio with kron4 news. >> in san francisco, caltrain is offering no slack to people having problems with their card. conductors were told the passengers will need to get off the train or they will get a citation they would not have a chance to get off the next edition to purchase tickets. what happens if the card reader does not work? a spokesperson told me the passenger would then need to
6:33 pm
notify the conductor and let them know what station they got on what--where it was not working but the bottom line is that if you do not click this car, it is not a valid fear. damage here in marin county someone reprogram the flashing electronic sign that says along highway 101. the vandals broke and the door hacked the computer and then replace the usual banter with profanity sometime after midnight people notice in called the authorities to make its workers and shut it off about a half hour later they say they will replace the door with a stronger one and beef up the security so far, no arrests have been made. >> baseball insiders say that an all star slugger with the mets has joined the san francisco giants in a trade that was done on wednesday. beltran who you see here has already hit 15 home runs for the mets this season. he joined a base
6:34 pm
cost--a baseball team that has struggled at times to score runs. >> and walnut creek police are looking for a stolen car containing san francisco giants memorabilia. the victim went into this mcdonnell to grab a quick cup of coffee and the leftist keys in the ignition when that up to-- opportunistic steve drove off with bats and other balls and the car and other sports memorabilia that is worth hundreds of dollars. >> in oakland, the a's attendance record has been dismal, the teen has not been doing very well this year, and fans have complained about the stadium but the team has started offering deals to entice people to the games. $2 tickets on wednesdays, several nights with fireworks, and they have family nights for 4 people get tickets, hot dogs, soda and peanuts for $50. they're hoping that this will catch
6:35 pm
the attention of fans, and get them back into the seats. >> high tech meets hollywood, the you to move the life and a day is hitting theaters this friday. flashier july 24, 2010, anyone could unload the video to be used in this movie. but there is over 4500 hours of footage for the filmmaker to go through bay have a documentary about what life is like on earth using you to. cook for more information on the youtube movie life in a day look for my tech page on >> are big web story tonight, temperatures really are not getting to stifling. a ticket that open. --take a look at oakland. and this san jose up in the '80s by friday. san francisco has
6:36 pm
comfortable degrees. now ticket to get more temperatures around the area tomorrow. we will see a lot of '90s up to the inland valleys as well. >> it is a lot more comfortable for the east bayshores. we also have '70s and '80s for the peninsula but '60s along the coastline. a look the year kron4 seven day around the bay forecast, warming for the next couple of days we will cool down slightly into saturday and sunday but the temperatures will stay at average not only through the weekend as we head into next week. in >> when you visit her arm through san francisco it is good to know that there is plenty of parking sometimes
6:37 pm
at a reasonable rate. it is a simple process, you put your money into one of the self-service machines magic a receipt is printed. the new place to receive on your dashboard and head out to see the sites unless you pay the parking attendant who may not be a parking attendant at all. tonight at 8:00 p.m. i will alert you to a deceptive ad hoc happening and my parking here could end up costing you double, if not tripled the actual cost on the next edition of people behaving badly. >> 70 parts in the state of california are slated to close because of budget cuts. but if you have a favor park that you would like to try to save, kimberlee sakamoto is here with a look at how you can help to win your park $100,000. >> the california department of parks and recreation are urging residents to go to this web site and vote for their favorite parts. let us check out the web site. the park
6:38 pm
that receive the most votes will receive grants as a part of the cocoa america in your part of national campaign. first, you can get one point by going online and voting by this interactive map. angel island currently has 24 votes. or you can be awarded five points for your park by up loading a photograph or by checking into a park on facebook. you can see right is someone posted a picture and they racked up five points for doing that. the three parts with the most votes will when money. first-place $100,000, second place $50,000, and third-place $25,000. for more information go to and click on our website.
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>> the untimely death of cigarette amy winehouse sparked a surge in sales she sold more albums from her
6:42 pm
passing then she did with this entire year. they say her breakthrough album back to black which contains her hit single three have sold 37,000 copies how it had not so that will since march 2008 after she won a grammy awards. radio stations also played more per songs asked after her death this week. >> now ford is putting in u.s. these rockets for digital music players it will have a computer up and you can access your music library crew the web. ford is the first automaker to replace cd players for digital music technology. football is back but the niners a running back frank is not. gary has details up ahead. and he weighs in on the trade. i would have scored coming up next with gary. we don't make you come back to save.
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>> good evening, the giants have acquired a big bat, the biggest available this is carlows they'll try and-- belltran it looks as if it is a done deal, he is paying--been paid $6 million the mets will cover the majority of that. now this is interesting, compared to all the giants, his batting average would trail only possible, he will be top in rbis, doubles on base percentage. carlos want how beltran for is jack wheeler, a minor league pitcher is highly thought of, but you have to give something to get something. the giants are in philadelphia and the announcers are saying a conflict of interest. you
6:47 pm
know what, these outfielders are starting to say i will not sit out when he gets here. it appears then date will be the odd man out. and he delivers the goods when brown cannot make the play. it is two to nothing giants. dominique brown did his base hit. right now in fact we have a man in philadelphia. there are two out right now and the ninth inning. brian wilson on the mound. as always, we thank you for saying why watch the game? i will get my synopsis from kron. we have a no-hitter with a run scored. santana, the first no-hitter in nearly 27 years. he struck out 10, allowed only two runners. there was a walk in the eighth, it was the first no-hitter at progressive
6:48 pm
field in cleveland that open in 1994. the angels win the game on the santana no- hitter. a fine--49ers made it official. but the big story on the flip side, frank gore coming off of his broken hip. he is going to hold out, he has that high- powered where is the camera, put me on and he has instructed him not to go to camp. he is due almost $5 million including bonuses of the last year of his contract. he was injured last year and the way this goes, give me my money now. guarantee it in case i get hurt again because indeed you are in the last year, if you get hurt a will call you out. and this man, everyone likes him, he talks a good game, he has a very large
6:49 pm
neck, have you ever seen his neck? it is incredible. but anyway, he will follow his former defensive coordinator greg to san diego. can you roll the head shot of him? the giants have just one, the giants have just one 2 to 1. and this is takeo's neck. that is a big neck. >> they all have big knicks. >> with that is better than most the u.s. senior time? >> it is pretty big. >> now the word of san a clearer,--the word out of san clara we have more 49ers news or is it just a rumor? the oakland raiders' mr. davis says i've not to pay
6:50 pm
80 million again so he made nomnie a free agent. when a clemens being gone, off the 49ers can legitimately look at him as a sampras's coach defensive back. the way this works, nomni had his choice and supposedly he likes the jets. what are the raiders doing? >> without fan favorite in quarterback bruce without a first-round pick robert gallery headed to the seahawks, 15 days before the first preseason game the raiders open the doors to training camp in napa, they will hit the ground running with their first practice on this field tomorrow afternoon. if they cannot come close to matching the energy of head coach--if they can't come close to matching their coaches energy look out. >> let me tell you something i am not changing, i will push the defense,
6:51 pm
offense, special teams, i will push the coaches, fans, i would wish to you. here is the deal, it will create something here that is great. >> he said he contacted the biggest free agent named out there, defensive back nomni and get his best sales pitch to return to the team. he is not conceding anything until the free agent. its official on friday. >> her good for the coach, the raiders could use some good news and a coach is full of fire. when we return, more nfl major moves we are clearing out for nfl information. huma 90 est and, you have kron4, the free agent draft lee enter.
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
>> down of the men that will play for minnesota, his one year in washington did not work out too well. he played 11 of his 12 seasons in philadelphia and has vowed to really come back. i will give you the statistics, indoors, i do not care but his quarterback passing rating is 90 percent indoors if minnesota plays indoors. [laughter] >> if we will have people say i'm not purchasing cable
6:56 pm
why do i need espn? kron is on, then you have to do that. add your fantasy teams ready kids, you have to do a lot of that stuff. if i'm a little out of character, our promotion man kevin has said now is make the run on espn. let them have the games, but we will be so full of information we will make everybody believe around us. who >> ok. >> this is one of the worst calls, now we played 19 innings you cannot blow call 19 innings they call the guy save and then the game ends. this is terrible stuff last night. now watch, he attacked him and then, yes, they play for six and a half hours and once again, i am not one of these guys, the umpires they do not know what they're doing given be instant replay but when you play 19 innings six and a half hours that is
6:57 pm
obviously a blown call. >> that is very distressing. >> have a good evening we will be back at 8:00 p.m. see you then. working with at&t, doctors set up a broadband solution to handle data and a mobility app to stay connected with their business. so they can run the office... even when they're not in the office. call at&t and see what we can do for you. with unlimited voice plus broadband, starting at $70 dollars. it's a network of possibilities -- helping you do what you do... even better.
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an olympic superstar's suicide. the 911 call. >> and were loved ones, planning an intervention for amy winehouse days before her death? i'm kevin frazier. >> i'm brooke anderson. >> "the insider" is on. >> the photo appeared straight after amy was cremated. >> amy's ashes surrounded by her bodyguard. the controversy of shock and her exbreaks his silence, the jailhouse interview. >> an olympian's suicide, the shocking 911 call before he shot himself. kirstie alley flipping the bird at letterman who was her late show target. >> where we found maria shriver after her son's release from the hospital.

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